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Англо-Русский словарь по общей лексике

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A geological formation that contains an accumulation or prospect of hydrocarbons or other resources. The extent to which a part of a mechanism can move freely. A button that, when pressed, causes media to be played. To act in a manner such that one has fun; to engage in activities expressly for the purpose of recreation or entertainment.

To perform in a sport ; to participate in a game. To act as the indicated role, especially in a performance. To produce music or theatre. To behave in a particular way. To move in any manner; especially, to move regularly with alternate or reciprocating motion; to operate. To move gaily; to disport. To put in action or motion. To keep in play, as a hooked fish, in order to land it. To manipulate or deceive someone.

To engage in a sport as a professional or amateur. To take part in a sport's match. To see the widget in the list the application must be installed to phone memory dictionary database may be installed anywhere. This app contains advertising. Bugfix with keyboard not appearing in previous version. English Dictionary - Offline.

Free offline english dictionary easy to use with bookmarks and useful features. Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary. Translate into over languages. Russian - English Translator. With this translator you can easily translate from Russian to English.

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