Key Lime Pie VII

I have decided that I will take it in all forms, lol! How long will the pie hold if I need to make ahead? This was my first trip to a culinary school. Magic Pea Flower Granita. Please provide feedback on what you like or dislike. I made homemade whipped cream. I really enjoyed eating this pie.

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How To Make the Best Key Lime Pie

Can't find Your Recipes? Menu of the Month: September News from Zapallal. Cake of the Week: Rose's September Shop Watch: Key Lime Pie This is a very famous recipe from Florida, where a certain special variety of limes called Key limes are used. Add to shopping list. Ingredients For the base:. Equipment You will also need a loose-based flan tin with a diameter of 9 inches 23 cm , 1 inch 2.

You may also like. More American, Mexican and Caribbean recipes. Is the condensed milk used in recipe the regular type that some people would use in coffee or tea? Or is it the type like Eagle Brand condensed which is ultra sweet and thick? I can never figure out which it is, and I would like to make this pie for sure!!! Hope you enjoy this! Hoping to visit the Keys this year!

Not from the Keys, but have spent many vacations down there, mostly in Key Largo. It depends on the restaurant which topping and which type of pie crust they use. Personally, I prefer whipped cream and graham cracker crust.

Then later in Key West, we had to get a slice from Kermits…Totally different with whipped cream but again, delicious and their Key Lime Fudge?? I have decided that I will take it in all forms, lol! Made this the other day using key limes from the tree in my backyard.

I, also, have never heard of meringue on a key lime pie. I made homemade whipped cream. I put zest in the pie and in the whipped cream. My family gulped it down. I had a bit of filling left so I filled some phyllo tarts with it.

This recipe is amazing! My husband is addicted. Also, trying to make it slightly healthy, I did swap the sour cream with Greek yogurt and use the fat free sweetened condensed milk. It was still just as amazing, but a smidge healthier. Hi Reda, thanks for the feedback. I too only let what comes out of the cans come out. Since it already fills up the crust perfectly that way. Love the healthy switch out, I will have to try that!

I made this for Easter dinner at my in laws last night. I got so many compliments! I did end up using a pre-made crust due to time constraints so I can imagine making your own would make it even more delicious!

Thanks again for the recipe! I was recently in Naples Fl. It was our go to dessert when we were out to dinner. When I got back I was determined to make one. The first one tasted good but the consistency was not smooth like the ones I tasted in Florida. It was not your recipe but one I found on the internet. I also felt that one can of condensed milk was just not enough. I think that was a no no. I decided to make another one but again tried a different recipe. I also added toasted coconut flakes to the crust.

I also made home made whip cream and added alittle sugar. Over all I was pleased with the second recipe. I also letthe crust completely cool before filling it, and once I filled it I let it sit for several hours before refridgerating it.

It was very good. Tonight I made your pie. It is on the counter cooling as I write this. I also made the whip cream and refridgerated it. I will say the vanilla smelled very strong on the whip cream. When I made it with sugar for my second pie it was delicious and not too sweet. I will also not that the previous 2 pies I made without sour cream.

Tonight I did add the sour cream as your recipe stated. I did open 3 cans of sweetened condensed milk but it was too much so I put it in a tupper. I could probably make a small pie with the remainder. I am curious to know how the taste is but I am bringing it to family on Sunday so will let you know then.

So naturally I came to Pinterest. I was scared at first!! Thanks for the recipe! I hope it comes out for you! If you ever make it again, send me a pic of you, the pie and the rig! That would be SO cool! One day I hope to get to Alaska! I used a bought Graham cracker crust because I had it already. But, this recipe was absolutely delicious! I would think it would work out fine. Just watch it and remove it when the center just jiggles slightly.

I have a quick question. If I omit the lime zest will it still have the same lime flavor? You can totally omit the zest! Then I place it around where the whipped cream is.

My kids enjoy it. Made this for a super important SIL birthday. I used a springform pan. And in CO we add an extra egg yolk to fluff pies or things just get too dense and heavy. I dropped vanilla to 2 tsp and added 1 tsp key lime juice.

MY first ever KLP. Tip of the hat to the ladies who insisted on fresh limes! Could easily serve 12! Was very showy on footed cake plate! Light and airy texture. My favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie! Thank you for sharing your recipe! I made this recipe yesterday for our Fourth of July celebration. The only thing I would change is the amount of vanilla in the whipped topping. I got a pretty strong after taste of extract.

Thanks for sharing your recipe! My husband loves key lime pie! We will definitely have to make this one soon. Congratulations on your prize winning recipe!! I made this recipe tonight.

Cool completely on a wire rack about 1 hour. Chill 1 hour before serving. Beat whipping cream at high speed with an electric mixer 2 to 3 minutes or until soft peaks form, gradually adding powdered sugar.

Top pie with whipped cream. This pie is wonderful with fresh or bottled Key lime juice. How to Make It Step 1. Build-a-Meal Find recipes with ingredients that you have on hand.