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I've stayed at a few places,I'll run through some pros and cons real quick. We are confident in our experience and expertise, and in our ability to pick a good casino and a good game of online blackjack. I doubt you'll find the. We always stick to casinos that have proven to be trustworthy over multiple years of operation. In Macau the dealer will first ask if anyone wants to surrender before any player takes a hit. It is fair to say that both forms of online blackjack have their own set of pros and cons.

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Gambling Junkets to Nevada

He booked a vacation with the Red Lion Casino and was kind enough to report back to this column upon his return with a detailed e-mail message in which he gave a review of the travel itinerary, accommodations, and his overall experience. First, however, an overview of what the trip is all about. Elko, Nevada is located miles almost due north of Las Vegas. The packages from Chicago advertise round-trip air fare, transfers to and from the airport, deluxe room accommodations, and shuttle service between Red Lion, Gold Country Casinos, and High Desert Inn.

Depending on your departure date, the complete package per person can range from 9 to 4 plus tax. For openers, you'll fly aboard an airline known as Casino Express, which is owned by the same parent company as the Red Lion Casino.

The airline can operate at cost for Red Lion, which subsidizes it and makes the low cost packages possible. There are different departure dates scheduled from different parts of the country throughout the year. For example, there are nine trips scheduled from Chicago during the three month period September through December Luggage is limited to one carry-on bag per person.

During the flight you'll be served a "light snack" and complimentary champagne and soda. The only other requirement is that you show you are carrying 0. It's simply an act of good faith on your part to show you are willing to gamble on your trip, win, lose, or draw. That's the deal in a nutshell. Now let's hear first-hand from Al H. We had to report to the Delta Terminal. The Red Lion tour company would like to have you show up about an hour early. The plane pulled in the gate at 6: Your seat number is written on the envelope.

You keep the same seat on the return flight. We left Chicago at 7: The trip from the airport to the casino is about 15 minutes. When we arrived at the casino our player's cards and room keys were waiting. They are very organized. The rooms are clean and comfortable.

We had two queen-size beds, a coffee maker, and plenty of towels. You have your pick of machines or tables.

There was also a sports betting parlor, and a keno and bingo parlor. Chicago time three days later. The bus took us back to the airport. We went through the check-in, boarded the plane, and took off at We landed in Scottsbluff, Nebraska for refueling at 1: We took off a 1: It was a very enjoyable trip. When you visit the casino you should enquire about how you can earn complimentary vouchers for the gift shops, steak houses and any invitations to upcoming invitational tournaments for a select group of players.

Junkets are inexpensive and fun plus they are a great way to meet other like-minded gamblers from your home town. Casino junkets are not the only way to go of course, but if you are a rated player and a favourite of a particular casino, it is certainly the smartest way. What is a qualified player?

How do I receive Casino complimentaries? Working with a licensed Junket affiliate we are able to provide your room, meals, etc. Complimentaries are based on your average bet plus hours played on the table games or the amount of coin that you put through a machine.

The ultimate decision on comps is based on the host Casino, but as a Casino Junket customer we do represent you even after the trip! Contact us for additional information. You always mention in your mailers" Free for Qualified Players". What is a "qualified player"; how do I become one and how do I find out if I am "qualified" for a comp trip?

All casinos use a rating and tracking system to determine the theoretical profitability of a customer. Each customer's gaming activity, while playing table games, is tracked and rated by the casino pit supervisors. Based on the players Average Bet and Time played and "house advantage" of the game played, the casino uses a formula to determine what they should have statistically won from the player. The casino can then determine what portion of this "theoretical win" can be reinvested in the customer.

The comp value for slot players is determined by total amount of coins played. This is why we always encourage you to use your rating card each and every time you play slots. We also suggest that couples use same account number on each rating card.

Your combined play usually generates more comps. Generally speaking, the player's actual win or loss is not a factor when the comp limits are calculated. Actual results will vary based on many other factors not brought out in this example. Now the question is: At some casinos where room rates are lower especially during of-season and mid-weeks this may be sufficient to earn you a complimentary room. In some high end casinos, this may not even qualify you for a casino rate!

So, it is important to know and understand your potential comp value AND the cost of the goods and services that you expect from the casino. Obviously it takes more comps higher average bet and more time played to get a suite at The Venetian instead of a standard room at a lower tier casino. The player's comp value will apply to room charges, meals and other "in-house" expenses. Any remaining comp value may be applied to airfare reimbursement or other "hard costs" that you want the casino to comp for you.

That is why we always ask that you call us to check what your comp status at any of our casinos may be. We may be able to offer you full RFB status at one casino but only a room comp at another. We will always do our absolute best to make sure that you always receive your full comp value and we will always suggest to you the best casino for your level of play…But, of course, the final determination is yours to make!

A new feature is being offered by some casino today…"portable comps". This means that the comps you do not use for your current visit can be accumulated for use on a future trip or can even be redeemed for merchandise or other nice rewards at a future time. Think of your comps as a deposit being made to your "debt" account for use at your discretion.

Harrah's and Foxwoods are offering these "portable" comps. The casino sends me an invitation for a free meal at the steak house or a free three night's stay at their hotel. What does this actually mean? This is a great question since this issue seems to cause the most confusion with players.

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