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Excel provides all course materials on its online portal, making it unnecessary to order or ship hard copy versions. They are given between five and 52 weeks to complete any course. Non-traditional students, including adult learners returning to complete their high school education, are all encouraged to enroll. Full time freshman entering the new school year are enrolled in the Distinguished Plan and must complete 26 credits. Introduction to Legal Studies.

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Check your area for specific details. Connections Academy offers core online high school courses covering subjects in math, science, language arts, and social studies. We also offer a wide-range of electives, so students can explore areas like foreign languages, digital technology, journalism, art, and the like.

After enrolling in a Connections Academy school , a counselor will work with you to set and meet your goals for high school, college, or a career. Before the average student receives their high school diploma, they must engage in six courses per semester. The number of credits which students must successfully earn to meet high school graduation requirements varies by state. Students may also need to pass state tests where required. Learn More About Graduation Requirements.

At Connections Academy, we believe that high school graduation is an occasion worth celebrating. Just like with traditional graduation ceremonies, students get their high school diplomas, don their own cap and gown, and are presented with the special awards earned. With college-preparatory curriculum, highly qualified teachers and school counselors who advise students on their options and coach them on the college admissions process, Connections Academy is dedicated to helping high school students prepare for the rigors of higher education.

In fact, our graduating seniors have been and are being accepted to some of the finest colleges and universities across the United States and around the world. Our program guide is packed with information on technology, courses, and how to enroll! Discover the advantages of virtual school by downloading it now.

WASC —use the "Search…"feature to search for a school. There are four online diploma tracks offered through the Whitmore School: Students may enroll in and start classes at any time without delay.

Sample demo classes are available prior to registration. No additional textbooks are required, as all material and course work is provided online. Students enrolling as 12th graders at Whitmore must complete a minimum of 4. Overall, to meet graduation requirements, students in the general studies track must complete 18 credits, while students in the College prep track must complete 22 credits.

Nationally recognized as the largest and most prominent evangelical university in the world, Liberty University offers online and distance education for all types of students from elementary school up through graduate studies. For high school students, a Duel Enrollment with Liberty University online is highly encouraged. Students may apply at any time during the school year for full or part-time admittance.

All high school students are given a diagnostic test before enrollment to help with placement in the curriculum. The average school year is comprised of two day semesters, and most classes and schedules are flexible. It is expected that the full-time student should be able to complete a day school year within 10 months.

The homeschooling curriculum is divided into 10 units per course, which typically takes three to four weeks to complete. All high school students are expected to complete 26 credits prior to graduation. Established in with the mission of providing quality education to students from all over the world, Advantages School International offers over core, honors, advanced placement, and foundation courses for grades K For high school students, the courses selected will lead toward a General Studies diploma, which requires a total of 13 credits, or a College Preparation diploma, which requires 20 credits.

Advantages Schools offers structured start and end dates, with weekly emailed progress reports. In addition they offer approximately hours of direct instruction and diagnostic assessment. All online classes at Advantage are given the same academic weight as courses taken as a traditional school. GED test preparation courses are also available. Advantages is in the process of developing online social clubs and interest groups. All courses offered have been approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the University of California system.

Both online and blended scheduling options are available. Students are expected to complete 27 units of coursework before graduation. Freshman through junior level students are required to take a minimum of seven unites per school year, and senior students are required to take six.

In addition to the 19 Advanced Placement classes and 20 Honors courses, Orange Lutheran offers two career specific programs designed to give students hands-on practical experience through precise coursework. The STEM program is for students interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, and the Entrepreneurial Business Program provides an introduction to business management and entrepreneurship. In Pat Montgomery founded the Clonlara School for all students to learn in a relaxed and creative atmosphere.

The off-campus program started in , providing online and distance education. With online enrollment, there are now 43 countries represented in the student body, and nine international offices and affiliates maintained by the Clonlara School.

Students who enroll on a full-time basis must take a minimum of five courses, while single semester students are required to take only three credits of coursework. There is no preset curriculum or specific textbooks required for online students.

Parents and students are encouraged to discuss educational goals and strategies with their assigned academic advisor. Managed as a public institution, the University of Texas High School enrolls more than full-time students and maintains over 40 domestic and international district partnerships. To be considered full-time, students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of four courses.

Online students have more than 60 courses to select from, all of which meet the requirements for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Class work is purposefully structured to be equivalent in length to a semester course in any other Texas public school.

Organized into units consisting of introductory information, activities, assignments, and final exam, students have days from the date of enrollment to complete all required material. Final exams must be proctored. For students who wish to graduate within the traditional four years of high school, it is recommended that they complete a minimum of 12 half-credit courses each year. Free tutoring services are provided for math and science. New Learning Resource Online School has a mission to provide a non-traditional academic setting year round to all students.

The first track requires a total of 24 credits for graduation; the second track requires only 21 credits. Summer school, Credit Recovery, and Credit Advancement programs are also offered. The diversity and flexibility of the academic programs, in addition to the expertise of the instructors, has attracted students from more than 40 countries around the world. Students at the high school level can enroll in the traditional diploma track or the College Prep track.

Each diploma program requires a total of 21 credits for graduation. For students in grades , a private, secure virtual student center is open for interaction and discussion with instructors and peers. Additional online services include virtual chemistry and biology labs for simulated real-life experiments.

The school and various programs have been accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. Students enrolled at Stanford University Online High School have a reputation for being gifted academics and intellectual risk-takers who achieve beyond traditional expectations. From 45 of the American states and 27 countries, the diversity of the student body is a stimulant to the academic environment where students are placed by their ability, not age or grade level.

Engaged in college-style scheduling, students and instructors meet twice per week with an average class size of Instructors use a distinctive Core Sequence for the curriculum. Students are required to take a minimum of 10 units at or above the Advanced Placement level in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Science or Mathematics.

A total of 20 full-year courses, or units, are required for graduating with a high school diploma. To supplement the rigorous academic schedule, there are more than 40 student-led clubs, organizations, events, and regional meetups. Patti Greenberg founded Greenways Academy in as an alternative institution for students struggling with traditional education.

Greenways offers full-time, part-time, or course-by-course enrollment. Students in grades may select from numerous core subjects, foreign languages, and electives in fine arts, computer science, career planning, and more. One-on-one teaching is available for every course, allowing students and teachers to connect on a more personal level. Students may use the credit and experience they gain at Greenways towards graduation at another high school if needed.

For students who are enrolled full-time and seeking their high school diploma, a total of 24 credits are required before graduation. Tuition is charged by the course. There are approximately 3, students enrolled in the various programs offered at Texas Tech, including Individual or Supplemental courses, Credit by Exams, Homeschool Curriculum, Bulk Testing Services, and the traditional full time High School Diploma.

The High School curricula offers abundant opportunities for students to create their own schedule, and to graduate early if desired. Full time status is maintained by the completion of at least one lesson per week in no less than four courses.

A minimum of 2. Full time freshman entering the new school year are enrolled in the Distinguished Plan and must complete 26 credits. All courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who are available through email, phone, and online messaging.

At Franklin Virtual High School, the goal is cost-effective education for students in unique circumstances, without compromising quality and while improving flexibility. Over courses are available online.

All scheduling is flexible, and each course requires a total of 18 school weeks for completion. Most of the students work is computer graded, allowing for immediate feedback. Proctored tests are also delivered online. Before graduation, the completion of a high school exit exam is required. The school has partnered with Edgenuity to ensure that classes are in alignment with Common Core and meet the requirements of the Florida State Department of Education.

With year round open enrollment, the University of Mississippi Independent Study High School offers a large variety of courses to meet the needs of all types of students. From special needs to accelerated pupils, Independent Study High School maintains a high quality of education for a diverse student body through core courses, low enrollment courses, numerous electives, and advanced studies.

Students are considered full time when they enroll in a minimum of 2. There are no official time constraints for the completion of work within a one year time frame, and students may not complete a course in less than four weeks for a half unit course, and six weeks for a full unit course. Testing must be proctored at approved testing sites.

All full time diploma students are required to complete at least 23 — 25 Carnegie units before graduation. Completely customizable in terms of scheduling, students can enroll at any time and take up to a year to complete the required course work. Students can enroll in up to eight courses at a time, and may transfer credits from or to The Oaks Private School with ease.

There are three online diploma options from which to choose: Dual enrollment opportunities in college courses are strongly encouraged for students seeking further education after high school.

Though it is tradition for students to complete their studies within four years, many choose an accelerated pace. Truly unique in its approach to education, WiloStar3D Academy takes creative learning to whole new levels with the integrative use of 3D technology throughout the curricula.

From customizing their own avatars and school desks, to interactive 3D group projects and even school plays, students will experience education in an enjoyable yet instructive environment. These 3D virtual worlds and online homeschooling options are available for 6 th grade levels. For the completion of a high school diploma, students must finish a total of 24 credits. This is accomplished through a minimum of clock hours of instruction or six credits , per school year.

On average, students should expect to spend approximately 40 minutes per day in the virtual classroom and an additional two to three hours on research, homework, and other projects. The school has been fully accredited by SACS. In addition to the traditional high school diploma, students may enroll in the Plus Career Certification Program.

This allows students to complete coursework toward a credentialed career certificate. Even students who have already achieved a high school diploma may enroll in the certificate programs.

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