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Get 20 free spins on the Game of the Week at Mucho Vegas Casino Every week, Mucho Vegas, one of our top-rated casino sites, celebrates the launch of a new online slot game by giving players 20 free spins Our results show that while larger venues are most closely associated with problem gambling, the argument that conveniently-located venues are dangerous also contains a kernel of truth. Pokies game reviews on the latest online games free amp real play. Clubs, pubs, local gaming venue guides. Frequency of venue visitation and distance We found that the closer you live to a gambling venue, the more often you visit — as per the figure below. If you are one of the people who love classic slots over the modern ones then you and I have lot in common.


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It is a club which has a tranquil and relaxing vibe for people looking too tango with that little white ball. The golf course is very peaceful and attractive and has farmland surroundings in the upper region area of the Waitemata Harbour. Other than the golf you can also enjoy great drinks, food and some pokies fun in the clubhouse. The Golf Course Overview. This golf club features one of the finest golf courses in New Zealand and best of al It is a very popular destination that features live sport, late night entertainment, great food, and a relaxed atmosphere.

It is one of the best venues in East Tamaki to enjoy coffee with friends, have a tasty meal, a few drinks or even hold a special function or event. There are also several pokies gaming machines and TAB facilities for those who wish to try their luck.

The staff does its best to combine fast and friendly service with a q Ashburton District Pokies Casinos Clubs pubs amp gaming venues guides. Auckland Bars and Restaurants. Auckland Craft Beer Bars. Best Bars and Restaurants in Taupo Area. Best Hamilton Cocktail Bars. Big New Zealand Land Casinos: Buller District Pokies Casinos Clubs pubs amp gaming venues guides. Buller District Pokies Casinos: Canterbury Bars and Restaurants.

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Horowhenua District Pokies Casinos: Hurunui Local District Pokies Casinos: Invercargill Bars and Restaurants. Invercargill Local Pokies Casinos Clubs pubs gaming venue guides. Kaikoura District Pokies Casinos Clubs pubs gaming venue guides.

Kaipara District Local Pokies Casinos: Lightning Box Games Guides amp Reviews of free amp real slots. Lower Hutt District Pokies Casinos: If so, how much more would they gamble? To measure the effect of residential proximity to pokies on risk of gambling harm, we sent a questionnaire to every household in the NT to which Australia Post would deliver mail.

We asked over people which pokie venue they visited most frequently, how often they gambled, and a standard set of questions used to measure problem gambling. We then calculated the travel distance by road from each household to all 64 visited pokie venues in our study area. Because gambling venues tend to cluster in poorer suburbs , we adjusted for individual and neighbourhood socio-economic status in all our analyses. We found that the closer you live to a gambling venue, the more often you visit — as per the figure below.

Specifically, people who lived metres from their favourite venue visited an estimated average of 3. This compared to an average of 2. Residential distance to venue also plays a significant role in gambling participation.

Put another way, gamblers are more likely to visit venues closer to their homes than non-gamblers. This distance effect was not evident for casino-goers. The burden of gambling harm falls most heavily upon people who live close to a gambling venue or who visit casinos. The spatial distribution of pokies does impact actual gambling behaviour and therefore gambling harm at the local level.

A policy free-for-all that allows the introduction of a greater number of poker machines into more locations is likely to increase the overall rates of problem gambling. For regulators, more stringent licensing policies which limit the travel distance between pokie venues and residential areas, particular low-income ones, could reduce problem gambling.

The Victorian government has suggested destination-style gambling that is, concentrating gambling in fewer, larger venues , but in discarded the notion on the grounds that problem gambling would not be reduced. Our research challenges this assumption. With the NSW government rushing to approve a new casino in Sydney, the prospect of more casinos in Brisbane and the Gold Coast , and a planned expansion of Adelaide casino , a new wave of gambling proliferation seems imminent.

The prospect of more and larger casinos is worrying because when it comes to gambling-related harm, venue size really does matter. Bigger venues such as large clubs and casinos are more dangerous than their smaller counterparts — other clubs and pubs. This was a key finding from our comprehensive survey of gambling behaviour in the urban centres of the Northern Territory NT. This finding is important because gambling researchers have often thought the opposite, namely that smaller gambling venues are the most dangerous.

For example, in the Productivity Commission summarised what little evidence was available at that time, which suggested that the highest risk venues were pubs and clubs rather than casinos. In a similar vein, an exploratory study using a convenience sample in New Zealand found that playing the pokies was a stronger predictor of problem gambling in pubs and clubs than in casinos, after controlling for demographic factors and gambling activities.

The evidence though was meagre, and the argument of small is dangerous was more one of convenience than science. Smaller venues, so the argument went, are more widely dispersed and therefore more spatially accessible to compulsive gamblers. They also have fewer resources for staff training and less opportunity to monitor the well-being of their patrons. We know, for example, that that smaller clubs and pubs are less able to implement responsible gambling measures. It is not surprising that the proposition that smaller venues are more risky has been vigorously promoted by big players in the gambling industry.

Casinos are destination gaming venues. Destination venues involve a premeditated decision to travel to the venue, often over a significant distance. Convenience venues on the other hand provide facilities a consumer may encounter during their daily activities, leading to an impulse decision to gamble. Our research project, funded by the Australian Research Council, set out to test this proposition. We sent a questionnaire to every household in the NT to which Australia Post would deliver mail asking people which pokie venue they visit most frequently as well as the standard set of questions used to measure problem gambling in Australia.

We received over 7, responses from Darwin, Alice Springs and Katherine. For purposes of analysis, we clustered the venues in our study into six groups: We asked people to specifically report on the venue they visited the most frequently.

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