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Now that you have created your face it's time to have some fun! Some of these games are tricky tricky. Combine careful planning with quick thinking to avoid the dreaded blackout. Fly across the world and enjoy a variety of gorgeous locations, each with a distinct design. Maintain your city and keep your citizens happy to earn prizes and unlock the most marvelous buildings.

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Give it a try at the Robodome and pit your robot against the others! In Food Sort , help us sort duh and properly store different kinds of foods to keep them fresh and easy to find.

Really, where else can you wash your virtual hands and don an awesome hairnet? Hop in your custom car and zip around the Scion Race Track. Can you get the best time of the day while dodging oil slicks, rocks in the road, and even a cow or two? What's the best roof: Spin Skater , a Whyville classic! Spin the skater as fast as you can without toppling her over like a sack of potatoes.

Fancy the finer things in life? Create sets of fine art in our Getty Art Sets game. Is that a painting by Cezanne? I believe it is! Microbe War is based on the classic card game, War, except you're warring over microbes.

Find a friend to war against or take on Sonya the marine biologist. Plenty of Beach on Whyville, and no problems finding parking! Grab a towel and some sunscreen, then kick back and chat with other sunbathers from all over the world.

The Waterfall has some of the lushest greenery on Whyville. Take a dip in the pond, but watch out for sharks! Need a quiet moment?

Visit the serene and snowy Woods. In Whyville, it's fondly known as "Woods, The". We challenge you to find out why!

Along with being Whyville's historic first destination, Whyville Square is a great place to start your journey, as it's home to several important destinations. Our Bazaar isn't that bizarre unless you count the guy spinning the giant eyeball. Stop by here if you want to pick up some face parts, projectiles, furniture, or bricks. Bring your bathing suit and take a dip, or just relax in a swing at the Pool Party.

You may want to keep an eye out for the shark that occasionally visits the pool The Playground is a nice place to meet up with your friends. It's usually not TOO busy, and has some space in which to just hang out. Whyville West is another of our first locations. Oh yeah - watch out for aliens! Whyville's many locales aren't limited to land. Dive under the water and explore the North Reef.

Keep your eyes open and you might see a giant lobster or even a manta ray! The Airfield is the place to go for "all things air". Hop on over to PlaneWorks to design and build jets. Or test your skills captaining a balloon. There's always the Warp Wagon; but that's for another time. Visit the Style Studio to get a complete makeover, earn clams by becoming a Stylist, or just hang out with friends and check out the latest Whyville looks and trends.

The Whyville Times is Whyville's very own newspaper with articles written by our citizens. Channel the journalist inside you and submit to the Times! Head over to the Trading Post to trade or sell your goods with other Whyvillians. You can find rare valuables here that you won't find anywhere else in Whyville.

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