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After long years of hard work on the project by a large team of archeologists, historians, architects and preservationists, the capital residents and visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with the rich archeological heritage of Sofia. Blofeld was the chairman and leader because he founded the organisation, and Largo was elected by the cabinet to be second in command. Then HG and HP should! See availability Area Info — Excellent location — show map. There is a basic fee of Euro 10 plus Euro 1. Thank you for your time Your feedback will help us improve this feature for all of our customers Close.

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Besides Bogoyavlenie, this holiday is also called Voditsi and its name unambiguously implies the purifying power of water. Those named Yordan, Yordanka and Bogdan celebrate their name day on January 6th. As a ritual for health people dip their children in barrels full of water while the adults are only splashed with it. According to tradition, either a black hen or a sheep should be slain.

This ritual serves as a votive offering. Also a traditional bread with honey and basil should be distributed among the people. Those named Anton, Antoaneta, Atanas and Atanaska celebrate their name days on these days. Then the mother of the child helps the midwife wash her hands and gives her a bar of soap and a towel as a gift. In the evening all midwifes sit down to a generous table. A flat cake with honey, a roasted hen and a bottle of brandy should be served.

At the moment of baptism the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended upon Christ as a dove and a voice was heard from the sky: It is also believed that at that time water stops, purifies and then acquires a great force. Everyone takes part in consecration of the water for health when after the festive church service the priest throws the Holy Cross in the water.

Young men through despite the cold and low temperatures and take the cross out of the water. Whomever takes it out is healthy all year long. Sick people bathe in the water where the cross is thrown. If the cross, thrown in the water, freezes it portends health and prosperity. If the weather is cold and dry it is accepted as a sign of a fruitful and good year.

Finally — with a clutch of basil the priest sprinkles people, blessing them for health. According to Bulgarian tradition the period of the Christmas and New Year holidays ends with a winter bathing in rivers. They end one week after the calendar beginning of the New Year. This is why those holidays are also called Voditsi Waters. There are many other local names for those holidays.

Known are also various rites accompanying the mid-winter outside bathing. Even today it is believed that this brings health. Ancient mythology stands behind that legend. According to it the transition from the old to the New Year is a period of cosmic chaos. Then unlocked are demonic powers of hell and evil. When they end everything shall be ritually purified — the people, the homes, the farm or even the nature.

Then the constructive beginning starts. The universe completes it renewable rebirth and regains its harmony. New rise of life-giving forces begins. Here is a list of my top 5 facts about Bulgaria that will help you get to know us better. In fact you just need to have no expectations about the country before arriving. I am sure you will be impressed by our nature, culture, history and hospitality — all the stuff we are most proud of after the facts listed below. The Cyrillic alphabet was created in by the Bulgarian brothers Cyril and Methodius and was named after the younger brother.

As of today more than million people in Europe and Asia use the Cyrillic alphabet to write on their national languages. Stamen Grigorov is a significant name of the Bulgarian who discovered the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which is true cause for existence of Bulgarian yogurt. The locals believe that it has a lot of benefits such as prolonger and healthier life. Bulgaria is the largest export country and producer of rose oil.

Here is the list of some invention without them we could not imagine our everyday life now. All of them were created by Bulgarians: The first electronic digital computer was invented in the s by John Atanasov. The airbag was invented by Assen Jordanoff for aircraft pilots and nowadays it is used in the cars as well. I know it is not necessary information but it is a cool fact that shows how fascinating the Bulgarian folklore music is, so make sure to listen to some live performances while here.

Good morning Good day Good evening Hallo How are you? Shopping How much does this cost? Where can I buy? Veselka Kuncheva makes a bold and intriguing choice with two actresses known and popular thus far, in different persona. Skillfully led by a director, who chose to take such deliberate provocation, Milica Gladnishka and Polina Hristova prove the strength and nature of theater, namely, that the scene a combination of talent, confidence and inspiration, always produces excitement in the hall.

Musical decision is only the voice of Milica Gladnishka. Each tone is sung live , now and before our eyes. Impressive scenography solutions Marietta Golomehova become material in immaterial realities bend and create new worlds for habitation. Live music, which permeates the space.

Text which excites by speaking frankly truths and secrets. Groundbreaking visual spectacle that provoke and excite in frantic rhythm. Tickets can be purchased from the NDK ticket center. Sofia capital The capital city of Bulgaria is situated in the geographic center of Southeastern Europe thus serving as a natural entrance to the Middle East. The city is easily accessible being only two hours away by plane from the Central European capitals Vienna and Budapest, and providing easy transport connection to the other big European cities.

The tourists and business travelers have a smooth way into the city whose airport services regular flights per week operated by 20 foreign and 6 Bulgarian airlines to about 40 destinations all over the world. The region occupies the central part of the Sofia Plain with average altitude of m and it is encircled by the Balkan Mountains in the north and the Vitosha Mountain and the Lyulin Mountain in the south. The Vitosha Mountain is an international winter sports destination.

Sofia Municipality 33, Moskovska Str. During the years of the totalitarian communist regime 9 September — 10 November Sofia has became the most important national economic, academic and cultural centre.

The population of Sofia is almost 1. In the past couple of years the unemployment rate in the city has been the lowest in the country. The workforce in Sofia is highly educated, motivated and flexible. Sofia has been the capital of Bulgaria since April 3, It is the permanent seat of the National Assembly the Parliament , the President, the Council of Ministers, the central governing bodies of various agencies, political parties and public organizations.

Sofia accommodates also the cultural institutions in Bulgaria. Founded seven thousand years ago, Sofia is the second oldest European city. It has been given several names in the course of history. Walking on the streets of Sofia today the remnants from older civilizations can still be seen. It bored that name when it became part of the Bulgarian state at the beginning of the ninth century and was soon recognized as one of the most important feudal towns.

At that point of time the city acquired the Slavic name Sredets. The decline of Sofia during the Ottoman Empire was followed by its rejuvenation after its liberation in , when Sofia was chosen as the capital of Bulgaria at the First National Constituent Assembly in Veliko Tarnovo. In the next decades the architectural plans of for the renovation of the city were followed by a brisk and straight-forward period of construction and soon Sofia has become the.

Sofia is the biggest and the most dynamic center of the economic life in Bulgaria. Half of the foreign direct investments in Bulgaria are concentrated in the. One third of the annual tax revenues in the national budget come from Sofia.

The service sector is far more developed than the production one. Industry plays a secondary role and the most developed sectors are machine tool engineering and metal processing, metallurgy, food and beverage production, paper and textile industries. Money can be exchanged safely at most banks and also at reputable exchange bureaus. Hotels and airports tend to give less favorable rates. Exchange bureaus are required to display clearly the exact exchange rates and they are no longer allowed to charge a commission for money exchange, so check this first.

For a valid exchange rates you can check the web-site of the Bulgarian national bank - www. Banking hours run from Some banks are also open till There are also some bank offices situated in big commercial centers which are open till Exchange bureaus are usually open from Some of them are open 24 hours throughout the summer.

Sofia has plenty of ATMs, with particular concentration in the city center. European and North American debit and credit cards are accepted in the country. Airport Information For flight information: The bright, modern and smoke-free Sofia Airport has the capacity to serve 2. A large parking lot is located in front of the old terminal building.

A new multi-level parking garage providing parking spaces is linked to the departures area of the new passenger terminal. The car parks are open non-stop and parking fee is 2 to 3 leva per hour.

You can also get on the subway. Sofia Metro Line 1 connects Sofia Airport to many central locations and provides many other connections through the city. The metro system is working from The metro station at Sofia Airport is located in the eastern part of Terminal 2, for easy access follow the blue marking lines on the floor at the public area at the Terminal 2.

If your flight arrives at Terminal 1 you can take the free-of-charge shuffle bus between the two terminal buildings. The street names are written in Cyrillic, which might make finding your bearings harder. Therefore if the map is not sufficient, please ask a local to show you the way.

In many places around the city centre are erected large billboards with a public transport city map in English, which may also serve as a point of direction and reference. Driving in Sofia may be a traumatic experience particularly, during rush hours 8. Traffic jams are inevitable along the central city roads and the busier peripheral capital boulevards.

At the event of an accident, the traffic police KAT — , 02 49 01 should be called and a report have to be filed. The process is lengthy but necessary for any insurance claims. Check with your rent-a-car company about formalities! At the event of a breakdown, there is a hour Road Assistance service: The central dispatch office is open 24 hours a day and is located at 3, Pozitano Str.

English and German are the spoken languages there. Charges for towing range — there is a basic fee of Euro 10 plus Euro 1. The usual waiting time is between 5 and 30 minutes. The main car parking areas in the centre are: Vouchers are usually sold by attendants in these locations and they will help you fill them out.

Central post station — 6, Gen. For BG Package parcels kg - 2. For BG , Sofia offers cheap and extensive public transport.

There are trams, buses, and trolley buses as well as 2 lines of the city subway which covers most parts of the city Please see map for details! Pay the driver as you get on and ask for your receipt. Public transport runs daily approximately from 5.

The tickets for all kind of Sofia public transport cost 1 BGN for a single trip. One day, all lines — 4. Single trip tickets are sold at kiosks and newspaper stands at the major stops or by the driver of the vehicle. You have to punch them inside the vehicle Look for the metal punch on the walls of the vehicle. The punchers are mostly painted in orange. If you transfer you must use another single trip ticket. If your luggage exceeds the size 60x40x40 you have to punch a second ticket.

The same rule applies if you travel together with your pet. Tickets are inspected at random by conductors. The fine is A waiting room sq. The tickets payment can be done in cash or by debit and credit cards. Ask at the information desk if you need any help to buy a ticket for your destination. Train travel is relatively cheap if you are prepared to put up with longer travelling times.

On the other hand for those who feel daunted driving—it is a more relaxing way to see the country. First class is quite affordable. You must book your seats before your trip. All legal and registered taxi cabs must be yellow and operated by meter. Rates per km are between 0. Any starting and call-out charges must be displayed on the back side windows according to the law. Although all public buildings are required to be wheelchair-accessible and provide suitable toilet facilities, this is still a matter of future.

By Western European standards, Sofia is very reasonably priced, especially regarding to the most basic items — from food to clothing. As for dining and drinking, the sheer number of restaurants and bars keep the prices down. On the other hand, accommodation in Sofia is generally more expensive than in the rest of the country and prices are analogous to the average European ones.

Sofia offers fantastic choice of restaurants at comparatively modest prices. The citizens and visitors of the city can choose from more than restaurants, cafes and bars which offer an excellent cuisine and a wide variety of good-quality wines. The city is a pleasant location to live and have fun in.

The prices are definitely among the lowest in Europe. See the Daily cost section above. Sofia is also the local point of cultural and artistic life in the country and boasts above 30 movie theatres and 20 theatre scenes, circa 30 museums and. The city hosts a series of international concerts and festivals and the ticket prices are significantly lower than in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover the full period of your stay in the country. The card gives you access to state-provided medical treatment only. You will not be covered for medical repatriation, on-going medical treatment or treatment of a non-urgent condition. The standards of50B, medical are excellent. Sofia is the Pirogov hospital For reservation: There is a ward for foreigners in the University Open every day: Dextrophobia Rooms is a real-life room Your Embassy may be able to refer you to a doctor escape game in the center of Sofia.

This fun who speaks your language. You have one hour to find the way out of the room Other useful numbers: The Bulgarian capital named after an ancient temple, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. As early as the Neolithic age the territory of the present-day million city was inhabited by primitive societies.

Archaeologists continue to discover implements and tools from the Stone, Copper and Bronze ages in the city and in its vicinity. Erected in the early 6th century, the temple became such an impressive site of the town, that following 14th century everyone started referring to it with the name Sofia, which replaced the Slavic name Sredets used in the previous centuries. Sredets was indicative of its central location on the Balkan Peninsula.

The city situated in the centre of Moesia, Thrace and Macedonia has been the official centre of the Bulgarian nation for years, since shortly after the liberation of the country from Ottoman rule it was declared capital of Bulgaria. In the city named after an early Christian temple and with almost a million and a half population, rise more than 70 Eastern Orthodox churches and monasteries, many of which have become emblematic for the Bulgarian capital whose motto is: The city centre is an eclectic mix of Stalin-era neoclassical and West European architecture, which enchants with its aristocratic feel and Eastern charm.

Sofia is the only European capital, situated in the foothills of a mountain that rises up to m height and where the distance to modern skiruns is a mere 20 minute drive from its centre. In Vitosha, which has been declared a National Park, there are two reserves and a multitude of natural sites with stunning beauty.

From ancient times, Sofia was well-known as a spa centre, thanks to its 18 healing mineral and thermal springs. Those springs are depicted on its cote-of-arms and have been drawing settlers and conquerors from ancient times to these days. The cultural heritage of Sofia combines traces from the civilizations of the Neolith andthe Thracians, of the ancient Greeks and Romans, of the Slavs and the proto-Bulgarians and the Ottomans, These tribes and ethnicities molded the face of the city through victories and defeats and through consequent cultural influence.

The socialist realism and the dynamic changes of modernity are still defining the development of Sofia in quite controversial manner, but are also part of its cultural heritage and inextinguishable charm. Sofia Church - one of the oldest churches in Sofia, which gave its name to the city. The mosque is a remnant of the Ottoman rule of Bulgaria. The place for which all tourists make a beeline is the St.

Alexander Nevski Temple Church. Alexander Nevski, the patron Saint of the Tsar and the Romanov dynasty. The foundation stone was laid in but the building was not completed until Built in by Russian workmen, this church is situated on the corner of Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

The high dome is surrounded by four smaller domes. The external decoration of the Russian Church is a joy to behold with its exquisite and rich colors. The red brick rotunda church of St. George is considered to be the oldest building in Sofia. It is situated behind the Balkan Hotel, amid remains of the ancient town of Serdica. Three layers of frescoes have been discovered inside the church, the earliest dating back to the 10th century.

Magnificent frescoes of 22 prophets over 2 meters tall crown the dome. After long years of hard work on the project by a large team of archeologists, historians, architects and preservationists, the capital residents and visitors will have the opportunity to get in touch with the rich archeological heritage of Sofia. The Parliament National Assembly building, listed as a cultural monument, is situated on the square of the same name with Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

It was built in three stages from to , on plans of the Viennese architect Yovanovich. Sveta Nedelya Cathedral Church - it is located in the very heart of the city center and has years history. The cathedral is home of the Sofia bishopric part of the Bulgarian Patriarchate. This medieval church has suffered destruction through the ages and after many reconstructions become one of the landmarks of Sofia.

Boyana Church - beautifully preserved monument of the Bulgarian medieval art with over murals. It symbolized the Jewish community of Bulgaria for over a century. The central Synagogue is the only Jewish house of worship in Sofia and one of the two functioning in Bulgaria with the one in Plovdiv.

The Banya Bashi Mosque was built in 16th century and it is the only functioning mosque in Sofia. The most outstanding feature of the mosque is the fact that it was actually built over natural thermal spas. The Statue of Sofia, is a twenty-four-meter high monument, It was erected in front of Unicredit Bulbank in the city center in January replacing a communist-era monument of Lenin. It weighs four tons and it is molded out of bronze and forged copper.

The monument was completed on 15 September by italian sculptor Amaldo Zocchi. Jeffery Warner is from the United States and was born and raised in the city of Dearborn, part of Detroit metropolitan area.

He is 32 years old. He lives in Bulgaria since or if we count the time for 6 years and a half. Not one, and no-one knows me. Since the kids, whatever I wear looks like pyjamas. Coats, shirts, T-shirts, jeans, suits; like slept-in pyjamas. I hear myself thinking about all the people I know who have let me down by not leaving early on a Tuesday morning for glamorous European destinations.

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