Learning Card Counting Indexes? Don’t Make This Mistake

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You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. Actually, I recommend that for everyone. Before you start worrying about strategy variation, card counting should be almost automatic for you.

The majority of the profit from card counting comes from varying your bet. Bet more when you have the advantage, and bet less when the casino does. Strategy variations are just the icing on the cake, letting you squeeze a little more profit out of the game.

It will take study and concentration to understand what is involved. But at least maybe with my help, you can avoid one of my mistakes. After a year of counting, I was ready to add some strategy variations to my game by learning a few key index numbers. Almost immediately, I found that I was confused by the way index numbers are traditionally presented. The first of these is pretty easy to understand.

In basic strategy, you hit 12 vs 2. But I found the phrasing in the second example confusing. Hey, I know basic strategy backwards and forwards. What I need to know is when I would want to hit it instead.

It just seemed odd to me to say it the first way. In fact, I made myself flash cards of the index numbers that I wanted to learn, converting them to my way of thinking. I learned about 20 index numbers this way, and used them successfully for a long while, probably two or three years. After that, I decided to learn a few more index numbers, and it was then that I finally began to understand why the traditional method of learning indexes is superior.

It basically comes down to the amount of information that you need to remember. And now, look at those same indexes shown in the traditional way this is the same table shown earlier:.

There is much less information to remember if you just bite the bullet and learn the traditional way of doing this. If you convert the rules the way I did, each decision has several parts. All you have to remember for each decision is one fact: You automatically know what the decision action is. All you need is the index number.

Switching from my own method to the traditional method was not a smooth and easy process. I had spent a lot of time using my own version of index numbers, and now I had to change the way I used them, and many of the numbers were now different because of the change. It really did make adding more numbers easier. Just start off on the right foot. The extra time it takes to learn to think about indexes correctly in the beginning will pay off in the long run. I use the terms more and less.

Simplest to say and understand for me. The issue is what happens in negative counts.

Strategy Variations Can Wait, Maybe Forever!