How to Run a Blackjack Party

Keep the cash collected in a safe place. Make an impression your guests will never forget. If the Player busts the bet is lost, if the Dealer busts the Player wins the bet. Once the bet is made, the Player is dealt two cards face up. Double on any 2 cards Split up to 3 hands. As the host, you will be the one to settle any disagreements on game play that come up throughout the night.

Do It Yourself

Blackjack Table Layout

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Another advantage is if you are hosting a cash game, a professional gaming outfit manages the procedure of chip buy-in and pay-out. Local laws and services vary, but if yours is to be a one-time game and you want it to be professionally run, hire professionals.

If you are planning on running the blackjack night yourself, you need blackjack tables, a lot of decks of cards and plenty of poker chips. A typical large blackjack table sits eight to 10 people. Smaller tables generally allow for four people to play. Determine the value of your poker chips and how much each game costs to play. You sell these chips for cash as guests arrive.

If you plan on playing yourself, you also need to purchase your own chips. If people run out of chips and need to purchase more, sell them from the pot, or the dealer's winnings.

Keep the cash collected in a safe place. A hand totaling 21 after splitting aces is considered 21, not Blackjack. Double - When a Player has been dealt the first two cards and believes that the third card will give them a position to beat the Dealer's hand, they can "double down.

The hand is automatically stood, and the Dealer then completes their hand comparing it to the Players' total. Blackjack - Is achieved when first two cards total Standard casino party payout is 2 to 1.

Blackjack beats a score of 21 consisting of 3 or more cards. Bust - Is achieved when total value of cards for either the Dealer or the Player exceeds If the Player busts the bet is lost, if the Dealer busts the Player wins the bet. Push - Is achieved when the value of the Dealer's cards from 17 to 21 and the Player's cards are equal resulting in neither winning. It also results in the return of the Player's bet. Surrender is only allowed on the first 2 cards a player receives.

Insurance - Gives you a chance to protect yourself when you believe the Dealer might have Blackjack. If the Dealer's first card is an ace, and the Player believes the Dealer's hole card face down value is 10, the Player may purchase insurance against Dealer Blackjack at the price of half their initial bet.

If the Dealer does have Blackjack, the insurance pays 2 to 1, which corresponds to the amount of the initial bet.

Hiring Professionals