High Limit Blackjack Online

Offering one of the best blackjack bonuses. In this game you can split your hand, take insurance, double down and stand. Multihand Classic Blackjack Gold. How you place bets and the rules are exactly the same. Players from all parts of the globe, including US, are warmly welcomed at Drake Casino powered by Betsoft software.

How can YOU do this?

Why Should Anyone Play High Stakes Blackjack?

Unfortunately, the program never caught on like Poker After Dark. Playing under the glare of lights and in front of the television camera can be difficult and that is why it is rare to see real high stakes blackjack on television today. The whales need to concentrate and focus, and many of them find that hard to do while being filmed.

There are many cautionary tales involving high stakes blackjack players. The fact is that very few individuals can endure the emotional highs and lows for an extended period of time. Sooner or later they suffer a breakdown or worse. Some players have committed suicide after a bad losing session. Others give into the vices that accompany big-time gambling. Among these are drugs and sex.

When a person has that much money to throw around they attract a lot of undesirables who are looking for a piece of the pie. It is possible for a high-stakes player to get anything they want, from a call girl to a line of coke, without even making a phone call.

In the movies high stakes blackjack looks very glamorous. It is a favorite pastime of action heroes like James Bond. That is a Hollywood image which is not always accurate. When Stu Unger, the prodigy of poker, died from a drug overdose he was living in a squalid, nasty hotel off the Vegas strip and was broke. He had lost everything.

The rules, how you place your bets, everything is the same. The biggest advantage to playing high stakes blackjack is the amount of money you can win. The math is simple to understand. The more money you wager, the more you stand to win. Play High Stakes Blackjack at: For starters, you need to be using a perfect strategy when playing any game of Blackjack.

Knowing when to hit, stand, and double down and all other actions is crucial for winning and beating high stakes Blackjack. This is a common statement with blackjack players.

But have no worries, here is a chart that explains exactly what to in every situation possible. Using the chart provided, you will be playing — mathematically correct, perfect Blackjack.

You will need another weapon in your arsenal to come out on top and walk away with that big pay day Read more about how it works here - www.

There are a number of online casinos offering high stakes blackjack games. All casino games have a built in advantage that make sure the house wins in the long run. Counting cards is perhaps the only way that a player can beat high stakes Blackjack on a regular basis. Counting cards is not illegal. It is frowned upon and any casino can ask you to leave if they believe you are counting cards. You will walk right up to that Blackjack table and have confidence in your ability to effectively count cards.

And more important — do it discreetly. Many land-based casinos now have machines which continuously shuffle the cards after each round making it impossible to count cards. Richard Marcus is also the author of American Roulette, a controversial book that reveals how he and other professional cheaters ripped off casinos. Also read our section about various methods and strategies of Card Counting. They can simply tilt the game more in their favor. How can YOU do this?

Then there are the more the subtle ways to turn things your way. Super-High-Stakes-Player Tactics to Turn the Tables Many casinos offer special promotions to draw super high-stakes players to their blackjack players. More articles from Richard Marcus: Rapid fire your way to card counting success.

Learn the basics of shuffle tracking. Learn more about hole-carding cheating method. What are the most common ways to cheat in Blackjack. For beginning advantage players, learn more about Multi Edge card counting.

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What Are the Advantages of Playing High Limit Blackjack?