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May 14, Threads: To make it simple, the best blackjack bot would be able to play blackjack online perfectly. Please be as much descriptive as possible and include details such as Browser type Chrome, Firefox, It just seems like given all this technology I have access to, there has to be a way to make money short of, you know, getting a high-paying job. I agree that there may be a pretty big problem in finding a group which will pay and not reject from further play after one guy wins a very large amount.

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March 19th, at Variance would be quite high spreading 1 to I do not think the teeny advantage you may gain outweighs the possible problem of not being paid if you actually do win. And lets not forget someone on the other end might just dedcide to fix the game against you, leaving you to appy to Marunastan's court system for your complaint May 14, Threads: Mar 12, Threads: Oct 28, Threads: Shed not for her the bitter tear Nor give the heart to vain regret Tis but the casket that lies here, The gem that filled it Sparkles yet.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Why play at an online casino? Especially if you play with a BJ-bot. That just gives them a plausible reason not to pay you. March 19th, at 2: Well, I am not very enthusiastic after reading these responses.. I agree that there may be a pretty big problem in finding a group which will pay and not reject from further play after one guy wins a very large amount.

But in what I am interested for, is to find out if such bots do actually exist and can be used, or some geeks keeps those in secret? Most of the online casinos use software for shuffling the cards which is known as a pseudo random number generator. This particular software is not really random. In fact, a computer is not really capable of producing totally random numbers. All the modern computers are basically deterministic which means that they can only make the decisions based on the triggers or based on some previous calculations.

Computers cannot really make decisions on their own. An online random generator can only simulate the RNG by using various complex mathematical algorithms. These algorithms are very complex to understand and for that reason it is very difficult to predict them.

However, it is still possible to predict the shuffles online with the help of some cheating blackjack software. One of the most talked about software on the internet today Blackjack Killer which is basically a cheating method. The program works by cracking the Pseudo RNG used in the online casinos. Every pseudo RNG would begin with a seed.

It is an initial number which is generated by an online casino through a process. Some of these seeds are generated through a standalone algorithm. Once that is done, the rest is easy job. The programmer then just has to plug the seed through the shuffle algorithm and it would produce the numbers which would represent the exact order of the casino's shuffles in the games.

Blackjack Cheat Sheet, or for that matter, cheat sheets for any type of game is not really cheating in the real sense. Basically cheat sheets are just secrets or tips which can help the players win at the particular game. Players who want a shortcut method to learn how to win at blackjack would need to have a strategy card and some tips which would give them some advantage at the game.

Players would need to know not just the rules of blackjack but also some secrets on how to win at the game. Playing blackjack is all about beating the dealer. Several casino players who play blackjack online fear that they might be playing against a bot or a robot which can steal their money. Bots are basically software which can be used in order to read the cards which are on display at the online casinos.

Using bots, the player can decide the best action for that hand. These bots are definitely quite prevalent and are also used and designed by players quite often for cheating at blackjack.

Like with any other type of software, bots would only be as useful as the intelligence with which they have been made.

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